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Data De-identification Implementation Solutions

Our Company

Setting 20/20 vision for the future of data sharing within acceptable risk thresholds.

20/20 Management Consulting Inc (2005) is a Canadian-based global leader in providing information management solutions, particularly for the health industry.  Leveraging secondary use data repositories, we are experts in planning, designing and implementing Data De-identification Solutions. We  are a strategic implementation partner with Ottawa-based Privacy Analytics, a global leader in providing risk-based de-identification software.  

Diagnose Where You Are

Our team of experts will work closely with you to determine and confirm what data should be shared privately or publicly, with the appropriate level of data anonymization.  Respecting privacy laws, we will work with you to determine an acceptable level of risk for your data release.  As a starting point, we recommend confirming your Data De-identification current state maturity, ideal future state and readiness assessment along with an implementation roadmap. Documenting this will ensure a clear path to successfully implementing your Data De-identification solution.

Giving You Our Best

Our team of professional consultants have some of the highest levels of training and credentials along with decades of practical, hands-on Data De-identification, Analytics and Information Management experience.